1. The universe is made of matter and mind moving in space and time.

2. Mind is a personal and inside our head.

3. Thinking tells us correctly what the world is.

4. We are separate individuals.

5. Our contact with the world is through senses.

6. There is absolute truth and an objective reality.

7. Our opinions are either right or wrong.

8. We are in (inner) control.

9. Human problems can be solved with knowledge.

10. Time is absolute.

1. The universe is an undivided whole in endlessly flowing movement.

2. Mind is shared by human beings, it connects us.

3. Thinking is a conditioned reflex based on memory.

4. We are an inseparable part of the world.

5. The outer and inner world are one movement.

6. There is no absolute truth and objective reality.

7. Our opinions are our opinions, not facts.

8. We are not in control.

9. Knowing is not enough to solve human problems.

10. Time is relative.