Let's make the world whole!

Whole and One is a project that started three years ago, in October 2016. It is also the title of my forthcoming book. My mission is to make the world whole by correcting two errors in our ego-system. 

The first error is the idea of a separate self. We emphasize too much our individual differences and don't see the connecting link between us. The fact is that we are dependent on each other, we share the same world.

The second error is our concept of time as a means of inner change. There is no time involved in seeing the world and your self as they factually are. Living right now is the only way to live!

The book has two parts. The first part called Whole is about seeing the world and the second par called One is about being one with the world. 

We don't seem to see that we actually are the world. Thinking is the reason behind this mistake. It is programmed to fragment the world, divide it into separate parts. When we see this, our worldview changes.

The next few years will be crucial for humanity. We must check and change course NOW!

Our problems are not ecological or economical, they are egological. We human beings are different, but not separate. Realizing this transforms our thinking. This insight connects us to the world. 

To be directly aware, we need a thought sense. It would tell us when we are making a mistake. We have it but use it only in practical matters. When our ego is a stake, we become irrational.

We must rethink thinking. It is not something we do, it is rather a conditioned reflex based on our past. Thoughts separate us.

There are five fights going on in our minds all the time:

Fight 1 is between intellect and emotions. We say one thing and do something else. 
Fight 2 is between our self and self-image. We are not what we think we are!
Fight 3 is about conflicts between individuals. We think we are right and other people wrong.
Fight 4 is human beings against nature and animals. We think nature is for us to exploit. 
Fight 5 is about us and the universe as a whole.

You are invited to investigate, how we could win these five fights.

A separate self cannot solve this challenge because it tries to find the answer outside itself. The problem is in the system that the self is part of. The world is in constant movement but the self is conditioned to live in the past.

To solve the world crisis we must make the mind whole again. It calls for a radical change in our thinking.

According to the dictionary, the word 'whole' means 'complete' or 'all' but also 'healthy'. The world is not whole now in any of these three meanings. We are divided in millions of ways.

This raises two questions: 
1.  Why don't we see that the world actually is whole and one?
2. What could we do to see and be the world?

What is your answer?