This is my tenth book. It took three years to write this. It has been fun to write but the best part is to have the book ready for readers.

In writing, you are alone with your thoughts but in fact, you are not alone. There are many people by your side.

I warmly thank Paavo Pylkkänen for inspiring me to take this challenge. His book about David Bohm's ideas is elevating, and his invitation to the Helsinki Challenge competition made me realize how urgently we need Bohm's visions now. We must change the course of the world!

Thank you Esa Saarinen for your support for over 30 years. Your concept of Systems Intelligence is a beautiful key to understand the system of life. It has been my privilege to see how your life work has changed people's approach to life. You elevate everybody!

Thank you Marjaana Virta for giving your magical touch to this book. Your insight and experience are beyond measure.

Thanks to all who have commented on the manuscript. Asta Raami and Johanna Blomqvist helped me from the beginning. Emilia Lahti touched me deeply with her trusty words about the importance of this book. People in the Systems Intelligence group have been very supportive.

Thank you Anna Nousiainen, Annika Varjonen, Iida Mäkikallio, Juha Törmänen, Jukka Kosonen, Kata Kumpulainen, Lauri Järvilehto, Lauri Pietinalho, Linda Ojanen, Marina Kuyper, Mikko Raskinen, Olavi Heikkonen, Paulina Piippo, Pipsa Pallasvesa, Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Riia Celen, Topi Jokinen, Ulrika Björkstam ja Veera Lehmonen. Michael Lowe has extreme insight into Bohm's thinking.

One of the highlights of this writing project was to visit the David Bohm archives at Birkbeck College in London. Thank you, Emma Illingworth for your kind help and support.

Meeting Mark Edwards was an absolute luxury. Mark's work to save the planet continues.

Rosalie Lovdal and Ian Marson helped me enormously with the English text, both the language and meaning.

Without my wise wife Eeva, this book would not be born and written.

Last but not least, thank you David Bohm for giving the new map on the mind to us.

I hope this book will help to eliminate the obstacles from our own and collective mind so that we finally see that we are the world.