The Book

"WHOLE AND ONE - Seeing and being the world" is a book inspired by David Bohm's insights about the world, mind, consciousness, and self. It suggests that the root cause of the world crisis is in the way we see the world. To change the world we have to change our worldview. 

There are two parts to the book.

In the first part, we investigate what seeing the world as it is means, and how that would change our outlook on life. Correcting two errors in our ego-system might clear the manmade mess.

If we go deep enough, we see how the self distorts our seeing.  Our ego-centric worldview is built on ideas, images, beliefs, and opinions, and not on facts. We are conditioned to live in conflict with the world. 

To change that, we must get rid of two myths we inherited from our ancestors. They saw the world as a mechanistic machine working in space and time. For centuries, planet earth was regarded to be the centre of the universe.

David Bohm found the fault in our ego-system. Our ego is conditioned to live in conflict. To solve that, we must have a systemic view of the world.

The mind is our link to the world. The first step is to see that there is only one mind. Individual differences rule our worldview. Instead, we could see the similarities that connect us to the whole. 

The next step is to see what thinking is and does. To Bohm, it is a conditioned reflex that happens in our brain automatically, just as our heart is beating. It is a tacit process that we are not fully aware of.

In the second part, we focus on what it means to be at one with the world. What happens to the mind when it is actually aware of itself?

First, we must directly perceive how thinking distorts our worldview and get rid of two insistent beliefs we have: that of a separate self and the illusion of inward time.

If you watch your self in action, you see how active it is. And it seems to live in time. It is all based on thinking. To be aware of the self, we need a 'tenth sense'. Bohm calls it proprioception of thought. We are usually aware of the image we have about ourselves.

Direct perception of the self changes our thinking profoundly. Then there is no inside and out, no sense of a separate self, only the flow motion of what is actually happening. There is thinking only when it is needed. But instead, there is the ecstatic joy of being alive. Then there is no you and the world. You are the world.

In the last chapter, I summarize what we can do to solve the world crisis.


Let's make the world whole!

We need a new map of our mind. The story behind the book. The mission: to find and eliminate the root cause. Seeing directly changes our being.

Part 1 WHOLE: Seeing the world

1. What comes in, when you come in?
In helping others, we save our own life. Who do you think you are? Identity is a trap set by our thoughts. Everything is enfolded into everything. Eliminating egotism. Manifesting the mystery. The wasted century.

2. Bohmian Rhapsody
Changing our assumptions. The invisible link. The long and winding road. From fragments to wholeness. There is no separation. Our active role in the whole.

3. No escape from reality
Everything is internally related. Always the same, never the same. Empty space is full of energy and information. The manmade chaos. Living in a mental cage. Focusing on facts. Good will is not good enough. Change starts from clarity. Is this the world we want?

4. One mind only
Jimi reinvented the guitar. Mind is a mystery. Show me the mind! Eight kinds of awareness. The 'me' is a mistake. Living on three levels. The atomistic model does not work. We are different, not separate. Emphasizing differences leads to separation. Connecting people. No need for control.

5. Thinking makes us so
The 21 Bohmian features of thinking. Who wins when all lose? Thoughts are faster than the self. Getting what we don't want. Thought is a system. Two sides make one coin. Fix or wither! The right to be right. A word is a button. The show must go on.

Part 2 ONE: Being the world

6. We need a thought sense
Winning the five fights. Because the sky is blue. Two steps to being whole. Up where we belong. The body knows. The sent and received message differ. Two routes to change. Use your tenth sense! Self is a show. Sailing the same stream. Memory is blind. Meaning is being.

7. Wanted: A new agenda
Greta's grief. Sketching out the source. Getting something else. Imagine the unknown. Identity is incoherent. Assumptions are loaded guns. Our brains don't get it. Stop growth. Go upstream! Find the blind zones. Winning the right game. The art of thinking together. In search of a hidden meaning. Change the question. Checking our priorities.

8. Being awake - now or never!
Meeting two myths. Break the ego pattern. The ending of time. Breaking the ego pattern. In words we trust - and are lost. Happy and free. The future is now. Loving without limits. Can the mind find the truth?

9. The world beyond
Connected to the cosmos. Being filled with beauty. Reaching the ground. Read between the lines. One million miracles. Something special.

10. Living right now
Winning the five fights. Start from where you are. Feel the pulse of the universe.

Summary: 101 insights
Key concepts